Summer is almost here, and we have some low-maintenance home improvement and landscape ideas that won’t keep you from enjoying afternoon cookouts, concerts and other activities that the warm weather brings. Use these ideas to help transform your home and reduce time-consuming maintenance.

1. Gravel

Does your back hurt from mowing? Do you want to conserve water, or avoid the use of chemical fertilizers? Adding gravel to your landscape may be the way to go.

You can even customize the color, texture, size and placement of your gravel to create endless arrangements and beautiful designs around the yard.

2. Vinyl Siding

You don’t need to spend your summer weekends repainting or re-staining the siding of your home when you go vinyl. Vinyl siding is easy to install and available in a wide variety of styles and long lasting color options. Many companies even offer a lifetime warranty so you can keep reaping the benefits of the investment for many summers to come.

3. Mulch

Sometimes lawns need our support. Providing plants with the water and nutrition they need to grow, all while attempting manage weeds can become a fulltime job.

Try mulch! Mulching around your yard can help reduce the amount of weeds that spring up, provide nutrients and moisture for your plants, and polish the look of your landscape.

4. Ground Cover

Could your lawn use more charm? Ground cover can add colorful variation and delightful scents to transform your lawn. Ground cover can also help reduce the growth of weeds and cut back on the areas you have to mow! Click here to learn about some popular ground cover options.

5. Plants

There’s nothing wrong with change, especially when it comes to new plants! Plants and shrubs will add the color, texture and scent that enhance your lawn. From Ribbon Grass to Bottlebrush Buckeye, Check out this link for inspiration on low-maintenance plants for your yard.

6. Stepping Stones

Would you like a new path to your front door? Or maybe to your backyard? A beautiful flagstone walkway may be the perfect, personalized addition to your yard.

Take a look at some stepping stone designs that might spark some ideas for your own stepping stone pathway.

7. Solar Lighting

For outdoor entertaining at night, lighting is a must. Solar path lights elegantly illuminate pathways for both you and your guests to safely and easily, while relying on a natural resource for power. You won’t need to hire an electrician either. Here are some great options for solar lighting that are inexpensive and energy efficient.

8. Fire Pit

What better way to enjoy a pleasant summer night than by sitting at a fire pit? Get out your marshmallows and have your best stories ready because creating an area for a fire pit is easier than you think. A fire pit is a wonderful addition to any yard and the only maintenance usually involves supplying the wood and bringing the chairs.
Vinyl siding installation, along with these other home improvement and landscaping projects are best suited for warmer months. Have them done in time to enjoy this season!



Authored by Herb Schoen, President & CEO of Garfield 12323, The Home Corporation