There are a number of variables that can play a role in the cost of a new roof. In fact, HomeAdvisor points out that roof costs can range anywhere between $1,200 and $30,000 – That’s quite a difference! So what plays into that wide difference in potential price for a new roof? Some factors include:


The materials used on a roof play a role in the final cost of a new roof. If you intend to have professional craftsmen install a copper roof on your home, the cost of that material alone can increase the price of your new roof by a significant amount. Even with more traditional asphalt roofs, there are several different price points of shingles.

The contributing factors impacting differentiated price points are based on shingle thickness, manufacturer’s warranty, and the source they are purchased from that can impact material cost.


A trend that you may find when someone gives you a new roof estimate is that when an individual contractor or a company significantly underbids all of the other estimates you receive, it could be due to problems with the business itself. They could be a newer contractor trying to undercut the competition due to difficulty getting exposure for their service. They could be a “weekend-warrior” looking to get into the business without proper licensing or insurance (which could spell out major trouble for you, the homeowner). Expert craftsmen who have been in the business for long enough are able to gain exposure from referrals from happy customers and know what their services are worth. The low figure from the HomeAdvisor study would suggest an amateur craftsmen bidding on a very small job, using the lowest quality materials available. The higher end would suggest a large and complex new roof project, using metal or other premium roofing materials, installed by experts. However, the installers and materials aren’t the only factors.

Size & Complexity of Roof

Many times, both the high and low ends of a new roof project budget are based upon the size of the roof itself. And estimating the “size” of a roof, or how much material is needed to cover it, also depends upon the pitch of the roof, or the length of overhang areas. Pitch alone can change the amount of material needed by upwards of 30% when considering the exact same square footage of roof if the pitch is increased. While it is possible to estimate the amount of material needed in your project based on the size of your roof, it is often just as easy to receive a free roofing estimate from several local contractors who are experts in the field.

Access To Roof

Having an easily accessible roof reduces headaches for both roofing contractors and homeowners. In extreme cases, the inability to access the home easily adds to the labor cost due to lost time transporting equipment and materials less efficiently. While remoteness of a home can be attractive to many homeowners who desire their own “fortress of solitude,” it makes it more difficult for roofing professionals to navigate the replacement process.

A Complete Tear Off Or A New Layer

For most jurisdictions in the United States, you are able to have two layers of shingles on your home. If you currently only have a single layer of shingles, it is possible to install a new layer on top of the previous layer. However, many times this is not ideal or even a possibility. For many homeowners, by the time they replace their roof, there can be structural damage to the plywood under the shingles. This can be caused by the use of poor materials, inexperienced craftsmanship, extreme weather events, or even simply neglect over time. An experienced roofing contractor in your area should be able to identify if there are weaknesses in the plywood.

If there is rotting of the plywood boards, or worse, structural components of the roof, it is important to replace them with new materials. Ensuring your roofing contractor of choice uses a high-quality shingle and weatherproofing materials can help reduce the potential to experience this again in the future.

New Roof On House Or Garage: Where And What Size?

Something to note, if you’re in need of a whole roof replacement on your home with an attached garage, it doesn’t add much complexity, in most cases. However, if you’re in need of a roof for a detached garage in addition to your home, this can add some extra steps. Detached garage roofs, particularly in the Cleveland area, tend to be more neglected than the roofs on homes. Naturally, this makes sense. If water is leaking into your home, even negligent homeowners want to act quickly. However, garages that are detached from the main home offer a certain element of “out-of-sight, out-of-mind.” This leads to a greater tendency to ignore issues like cracked or curling singles, moss growth, missing granules, or even more severe signs like water damage or mold growth inside the garage.

There are advantages to having your garage roof replaced when you get a new roof for your house. It can save you time and money to have a Cleveland area roofing company come out and tackle both jobs at once. By cutting down on the number of times you have a roofing company out to your property, you save money. Additionally, it is much easier to simply buy all of the materials that your project needs at one point. Further, if you are using financing to get a new roof, it is advantageous to keep both roof replacements rolled into one financing option as opposed to having to open two separate lines of credit.

Not to mention it keeps the aesthetics of both your home and your garage coordinated.

New Roof Contractors: Which New Roofing Company Do I Choose?

A well-installed roof means peace of mind for several decades. This is why, among less established roofing contractors, there is a tendency not to worry about customer satisfaction. Quite simply, if a new roof is installed correctly on your home, you’ll not need to seek the assistance of the roofing contractor that did a good job for an extraordinarily long amount of time. Less reputable roofing contractors in Cleveland (and elsewhere) have been known to take advantage of this by cutting corners, rushing jobs, or installing new roofs without securing the proper permits. These behaviors can lead to a slew of headaches for the homeowner.

When choosing a company to install your new roofing, be sure to select one that has a strong track record of customer satisfaction over the course of several decades. Without getting references, checking reviews, or otherwise vetting your new roofing company in Cleveland (but again, this applies universally), you might be in for serious headaches later.

Garfield 1-2323 is proud of our long-history of providing new roofs to Cleveland area residents and stand by the workmanship performed by our certified master shingle installers. Very few companies can match the length of time we’ve been ensuring that our customers are satisfied.

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